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Built upon the 30-year experience of highly awarded Master Chocolatier, Jean-Marie Auboine, in 2011.

Handcrafted in the heart of Las Vegas, supplying the most prestigious hotels, resorts, and brands nationwide.

Beans sourced responsibily BEAN to BAR Process

In December 2014, Jean-Marie became one of few chocolatiers in the world to prepare his own couverature of Crafted Chocolate from cocoa beans.   

Single Origin Beans carefully selected from around the world and processed through a 12 step, Bean-to-Bar process, allows JMA Chocolates to offer unique, one of a kind tasting experiences.    

Purchased and responsibly sourced at fair trade value directly from cocoa growers, from Dominican Republic, Ghana, and Venezuela.   

Limited Edition Small Batch Bean-To-Bar Chocolate bars, are curated through the use of a series of complex machines and respecting the artisan process and temperatures, to create chocolate bars as unique as you!

  Ingredients sourced from around the world

Chef Jean-Marie Auboine believes the beginning of a great recipe begins with great ingredients, and for this reason, is unwilling to compromise for anything less!  

We select the finest ingredients, sourced from around the world; such as Vanilla Beans grown in Mexico, Cocoa beans selected from Dominican Republic, Hazelnuts direct from the farmer in Oregon, and Kalamansi citrus fruits from the Philippines, and Almonds from California.  

State-Of-The-Art Technology

Our team of chocolatiers use specific equipment and technology, designed to assist the human hand, not to eliminate or replace the human hand and artisan way.  These machines allow Jean Marie Auboine Chocolatier to provide a quality and consistent product you can trust.